Ripples In The Universe

Like a pebble in a pond, thoughts ripple throughout the universe

Mindfulness For A Happier Life

Forrest looking upAs a Buddhist, mindfulness is something I practice on a daily basis. It is something that has become a major part of my life and has helped me to be more compassionate and understanding. Mindfulness didn’t come easily to me, it was definitely something that I had to consciously remind myself of on regularly. I still forget to mindful from time to time, but I always catch myself when I’m not being mindful. Mindfulness can help you to live a happier, more compassionate life. Continue reading

Karma And How It Really Works

KarmaWe’ve all heard of karma and have even seen how it can work in life. The time when something backfired is one example of karma called instant karma. There are different types of karma though, not just one type. What actually is karma and how does it work?

Let’s explore the various types of karma and how they have effected us in past lives, this life, and how they will in future lives. Karma can be cleared and we all have the power to do so. Continue reading

Freedom Of Non-attachment

Non-attachmentWe all find ourselves attached to something whether it be a person, a place, or a material object. We don’t want lose whatever it is that we have that attachment to, and try our best to hold on to it. We love to go to our favorite restaurant, or to hold on to our favorite jeans. What happens when that pace or object is gone? Do we mourn the loss or move on?

Non-attachment is Buddhism is one of the key concepts that allows freedom in our lives. It allows us to not suffer unnecessarily. Continue reading

How Music Can Sooth The Soul

music-581732_1920We all listen to music every day. Some of us do it during our commute to work, some to get through the day at work, and others just for pleasure. There are even some of us that play music as well (that includes me). Most of us never think about what effect that music has on the brain. How it affects us on levels that we may not even realize is quite amazing.  Continue reading

Why You Should Be Loving Yourself


We all know the things that we love and can probably list them in a fairly quick manner. There are the typical things like family, friends, girlfriend/boyfriend, and the like. There are also the hobbies and the passion that you have in life. For instance, music is a passion that I have always had. Being able to name external things that we love is pretty easy to do, it’s something that we all do quite often. What about loving yourself? Continue reading

The Importance Of Impermanence


With recent events in Brussels and the loss of a hip-hop legend, I’ve been thinking about impermanence. The Buddhist concept of impermanence has gotten me through some the worst times in my life. It’s one of the more important concepts to understand in my opinion. This is why the concept of impermanence is important to get to know. Continue reading

The Buddhist Ashtangi

Buddha buddhistI’ve been practicing yoga, specifically Ashtanga, for about six months. I did start practicing because of the physical aspects but that wasn’t the only reason. I’ve been a practicing Buddhist for about 15 years and I knew the two would compliment each other. Being that both Yoga and Buddhism both originate from India, they have a lot of shared beliefs. I went into my Yoga practice with the knowledge that it would help to further my spiritual practice. Continue reading

Analyzing Your Meditations


Have you ever wanted to know how your meditation session went? If you were relaxed enough? Or how deep of a meditative state you were able to reach? Well you may just be able to find out with the advent of some the latest technology. Continue reading

The Revolution Will Be Televised


There is a revolution coming and it may not be televised….but it will be tweeted, on Facebook, Instagram, and/or any other social media platform.

The revolution that’s coming is going to change the paradigm of the world. It’s going to change the way we treat each other, how we see each other, and the direction that we take as a global family. We’re all in this together whether we lie it or not so we need to make the world as positive of a place as we can make it. We all have to stand up for whats right in our hearts and ensure that this world is left to the generations that follow in better state then what it is now. Continue reading

Is Reality An Illusion? Quantum Physics May Just Think So

alt reality

What is reality? We live it everyday through touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound. Is it actually real though? Do we actually experience what everyone calls reality? Continue reading

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